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Established in 2017 by a family of brothers, our Australian-born, British-heritage family business excels in acquiring both pre-owned and pristine Swiss luxury watches. At the heart of our pursuit lies a commitment to core values—unparalleled service, efficiency, and exceptional value.

Our team speaks a diverse set of languages to accomodate: English, French, Chinese, Russian, Italian, and Arabic, mirroring our expansive reach. With a client roster that includes esteemed collectors and nobility, we have extended our presence across continents, ensuring we exceed the refined expectations of our loyal clients.

ELITA invites you to explore our curated selection of world-class timepieces. Whether seeking the unattainable or the iconic, trust in us to procure and deliver your horological aspirations. Beyond our digital showcase lies an extensive network of connoisseurs and suppliers, ready to fulfill requests for the rarest watches, including elusive limited editions.

For those whose desired timepiece remains unnamed, our discreet request form awaits. Let us navigate the toptier circles of "Private High Horology" to procure your next masterpiece.

ELITA — Elevating watch collecting to an art form, one timepiece at a time.