Our Organisation

Founded in 2019, Elita is a privately owned company headquartered in Melbourne,Australia. Elita is an innovative, multi-brand luxury retailer presenting the world’s most coveted timepieces, fine jewellery and rare objets d’art. Since its inception, Elita has dedicated itself to building an unparalleled global network of category specialists capable of securing the most coveted pieces from the world’s leading makers.

What we do

Shaped by the transformative effects of a global pandemic, and the subsequent acceleration of digital technologies, ours is a business that understands the enduring value of relationships and personal engagement. Offering a comprehensive array of services from sourcing and procurement through to bespoke design, authentication, servicing and secure storage, our trusted staff are here to support your collection strategy.


Underpinned by the belief that anything is possible, our business recognises the importance of innovation to improve outcomes, create lasting value and transform lives. We thrive on the challenges of innovation and seek at all times to be adaptable and responsive on behalf of our clients. We recognise that possibilities for innovation exist every where and we seek to foster a culture that champions entrepreneurial, environmental and technological innovation.

changing the game

Distinguished by our youthful perspective on luxury and our desire to disrupt archaic systems and attitudes, Elita reconciles the rich heritage of the world's most celebrated horological and high jewellery maisons against the ideas and beliefs of a new generation demanding change. Establishing a unique position at the vanguard of secondary market, we recognise that clients are hungry for meaningful connection and experiences that align with their own values.