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Welcome to the pinnacle of exclusivity and innovation, with headquarters in Melbourne and a commanding presence in Hong Kong and Dubai. As a leading multi-brand retailer, we specialize in the world’s most sought-after timepieces, fine jewellery, precious diamonds, gems, high-value objects d’art.

Our expert team members are ready to assist you in our prime locations, ensuring access to unparalleled collections and bespoke concierge procurement services.Understanding the significance of security for your high-value acquisitions, we provide peace of mind with secured and insured delivery. Each special order is meticulously handled, from procurement to delivery, by leading security services including Brinks and Malca-Amit, complete with armed guard services to guarantee the utmost protection.

Discover an array of extraordinary treasures in a setting where innovation meets the highest standards of care and discretion. Visit us to experience a world where your desires are met with unmatched expertise and safeguarded with the highest level of security."This version aims to convey the same essential information with a focus on discretion, exclusivity, and the high standards of service and security, while minimizing repetition and emphasizing the global presence and expertise