Your watch is an exquisite piece of precision engineering and work of art, while it is designed to be durable, even the highest quality timepiece requires regular maintenance to preserve its movement and ensure accurate timekeeping. By servicing your watch at recommended intervals, typically every five to ten years depending on the manufacturer, you can safeguard its performance and retain its value.

complete service

Within a full service the watch will be completely disassembled and cleaned. All parts will be assessed and if required restored or replaced. The movement will then be re-assembled and lubricated. Lastly, the watch is cased up and tested to ensure it is achieving its optimum performance. A comprehensive refurbishment is included within this service and once completed, a *24 month warranty is provided for the work carried out.

maintenance & polish

The maintenance service involves several steps to ensure the watch is in optimal condition. First, the case is carefully disassembled, allowing for a thorough assessment of its external components. Once the assessment is complete, the watch is reassembled and sealed to prevent any potential issues. As part of this service, a polish, also referred to as a refurbishment, will be performed. Our advanced polishing department specialises in restoring cases to their original finish, including edges, coating, and density, utilising state-of-the-art techniques and equipment.

restoration service

We have a wealth of expertise along with high end equipment and tools which enables us to offer restoration services to the highest level. These repairs include hand, dial, case, bracelet and movement restoration as well as a specialist plating service.


We strongly recommend that you obtain an Insurance Valuation for your watch. Should your timepiece ever be lost, stolen or damaged, this document provides all the information, including images, your personal details and an accurate near like-for-like replacement cost you will need to make an insurance claim. We can provide an expert Insurance Valuation for your watch, however long you have owned it, and whether you bought it from us or elsewhere, or received it as a gift or inheritance.


We can carry out a valuation of your piece to trade in credit towards the next purchase of another desired model of your choice. We have a data based approach to reaching an agreement for fair market price for your confidence and comfort in liquidity or upgrade.

repair & other services

We can assist with your repair. If you require a replacement or adjustment to your bracelet, we are here to help. Should you have a repair request that isn’t mentioned on the website, please fill in our enquiry form to discuss further.

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