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Our suite of services includes trade, consignment, valuations and sale of merchandise covering sought-after categories in Swiss Watches, High Jewellery, Hermès, and Fine Art.

If you are seeking to elevate and upgrade your collection or require an expert valuation to exit a collectible through trade or sale. ELITA is here to assist with a simple, smooth and seamless program.

With our experienced team and extensive global network, we guarantee professional and personalised service to meet the requirements of each of our valued clients.

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Trade services offer our clients the opportunity to exchange their luxury merchandise. Whether you're looking to trade up into something new and exciting from Rolex, Patek, Audemars Piguet or Richard Mille or desire a new addition to your high jewellery collection or Hermés collection. We provide access to a variety of inventory, creating options available to meet your unique tastes and preferences. We understand that tastes evolve over time, and our trade service is designed to accommodate, offering a simple, straightforward way for you to obtain the perfect new addition to complement your style or investment classes.


The process is designed to facilitate a seamless exchange. This streamlined process comprises a few simple steps:

1. Consultation: Understanding your requirements.
2. Inventory Valuation: Verification and market analysis.
3. Trade, Consignment or Sale: 
Client options.
4. Formal Agreement: 
Notary, and signing of documents.
5. Vault, Market, and Funds: 
Vaulting, marketing, and transfer of funds.


A service designed to provide clients with a comprehensive evaluation in line with the current and anticipated market price. This allows a clear understanding of the value. Our team of experienced specialists focus on Swiss watches, High jewellery, Hermès bags, and fine art. Leveraging our vast expertise and deep understanding of the global luxury goods market, we offer accurate and fair valuations. If you decide to sell your item, ELITA ensures a smooth selling experience. We utilise our extensive network of client relationships to help you secure a competitive market price for your item. Throughout the transaction process, we guide you step by step, ensuring your confidence and satisfaction at every development.

MARKET Valuation

We meticulously analyse each item, considering various factors such as brand, model, condition, rarity, and current market trends in domains. With a strong understanding and comprehensive knowledge of the global luxury goods market, we provide an accurate and fair market valuation. If you decide to proceed with the sale, we then employ our extensive team from each division to secure the most competitive price, ensuring a smooth, confident and rewarding transaction.


Consignment ensures your valuable luxury items are treated with the respect and care they deserve secured in a level 10 to 12 vaulting facility in Melbourne, Hong Kong and Dubai. At the highest level we understand that parting with assets, we aim to make the process smooth and simple. Whether you're consigning a fine art piece, a valuable watch, or exiting high jewellery or other collectibles. Our team of specialists prioritise and leverages our expertise and extensive network to obtain the highest achievable price with all service fee's considered. We take pride in maintaining transparency and professionalism, keeping you informed and at ease throughout the entire consignment process.


We place a strong emphasis on transparent and clearly defined service processes for our clients. Whether you're utilising our Trade, Consignment, or Valuation & Sell services, we provide detailed explanations of each step in a comprehensive and professional manner. In any transaction, we begin by conducting a thorough consultation to fully grasp your preferences and needs. From there, depending on the service, we proceed with evaluating your items, connecting you with suitable buyers or pieces from our inventory, or assisting you in finding the best trade or consignment opportunity. Each aspect of these processes, from the initial assessment to the final transaction, is carefully documented in a clear and formal contractual agreement. This ensures that you have a complete understanding and acceptance of the terms, aligning our actions precisely with your expectations.