Cushion Shape cut


As we journey into the illustrious world of diamonds, one cut stands out for its timeless elegance and enduring appeal – the Cushion Cut Diamond. Renowned for its classic yet contemporary allure, the cushion cut encapsulates an intriguing blend of history and modern sophistication.

Originating over 200 years ago, the cushion cut diamond boasts one of the longest histories among all diamond shapes. It was the de facto diamond shape until the early 20th century, commonly known then as the "mine cut" or "old mine cut." Its name derives from its shape, resembling a cushion or pillow, with rounded corners and larger facets to accentuate the stone's brilliance.

Cushion cut diamonds were at the heart of the world's most vibrant royal courts and high societies, capturing the romance of bygone eras. This historical cut has seen resurgence in popularity in the 21st century, combining vintage charm with modern allure.

The evolution of the cushion cut diamond is not only a journey through the annals of jewelry history but also a testament to advancements in gem-cutting techniques. As we trace the lineage of this beloved cut, we witness a captivating interplay of science, art, and human ingenuity.

Venture with us as we explore the rich, storied past of the cushion cut diamond, from its origins in the candle-lit era, when diamond cutting was still in its infancy, to its contemporary iterations, beloved by those seeking a blend of vintage appeal and modern sparkle.