Authenticity & function

Elita prioritises the condition of our pieces above all else. Each piece is meticulously assessed and evaluated, ensuring that it meets a stringent quality control process before being presented for sale. Each of our experienced Watchmakers and Master Jewellers check for authenticity and function and ensure that each piece comes replete with its original box and paperwork.Furthermore, every piece presented upon our platform is sourced from our trusted and pre-approved network of global suppliers.

Partner network

Leveraging a global network of partners, our experienced service agents have access to the most coveted timepieces and fine jewellery from around the world. Each partner within our network undergoes a rigorous 50-point selection criteria to ensure that their quality standards, sustainability framework and ethical standards are in accordance with our own.

Client network

At Elita, we believe there is no such thing as a past client. Every one of our valued clients are active customers whom we rely on as trusted sources of knowledge, referral, experience and product feedback. We enjoy long and fruitful relationships with our clients because we succeed in realising their collection strategies while exceeding their service expectations. Furthermore, our discretion ensures that each transaction is kept highly confidential and inline with our professional standards.

Authenticity Guarantee

We take meticulous care in authenticating every item that we source to ensure that it is in perfect working order. As part of our authenticity guarantee, our deeply knowledgeable and experienced evaluations team undertake a 50-point evaluation to ensure provenance and 100% authenticity. We do not sell replica watches. Furthermore, all pieces sold come with a 2 year Elita Limited Warranty. The Elita Limited Warranty is comparable to any manufacturer’s warranty with the exception of where the service will be performed.

A trusted source

Our business recognises that respect is a prerequisite for trust. We acknowledge that everything we do, says and provides to others makes a statement about the respect that we have for ourselves and our planet. We genuinely care about our clients and the impact that our work has on the world around us. We remain at the centre of everything we do and remain committed to positively contributing to the fabric of our community and culture. Our reputation is built on our resolute commitment to quality, consistent delivery of our promises and the long-term success of our clients.